Hospitality sector with 'unprecedented' rise in job vacancies

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Restaurants and pubs are struggling to recruit more staff with fewer candidates for roles.

A recent report found Britain's hospitality industry is facing an escalating staffing crisis, with the number of employees available for employment up by 69%.

"Waiting staff and chefs are in particular demand as Covid-19 restrictions continue to ease" the BBC's UK Hospitality reveals.

Occupop said 660.000 sector jobs will be lost in 2020.

The industry says the hospitality pandemic, after all, has left jobs chronically low and hotel accommodation opting for other, more reliable sectors.

David Banaghan, Occupop's co-founder said: "There is no doubt that hospitality is in a situation no one could ever have predicted. But as the third largest business sector in the UK, it is imperative that every employer within hospitality finds ways to attract and retain talent."