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We want to make Plumjobs a community for people created by people, and not just a job site. So, it’s high time to tell you, our story. Plus, if you’ve ever wondered how Plumjobs came to be or why it’s ‘Plum’, today we’ll answer those questions......well Plum is a new era and our new future.....

Moreover, coming from hospitality, leisure and tourism industries we understand the importance of storytelling. As Joe Harawira, a cultural storyteller once said “without our story, we don’t exist”. So, sit back and let us tell you a little story about big dreams, great people and amazing opportunities!


Our story: The Beginning

It all started on the 3rd day of the 3rd month of the year 2003…

After attending a Scottish Enterprise Entrepreneurial Business Start-up program called Think, Plan, Do, Paul J Wilson started Xpress Recruitment. However, keep in mind that starting your own business means true dedication. Apart from a vision you also need a good plan, determination and then some. After just a week of the 12-week Start-up Workshop Program, the number of participants went down from 23 to 11… The lesson? Don’t let your aspirations and dreams fall at the first hurdle!

Nearly 20 years later, Xpress Recruitment still works closely with leading industry companies and provides outstanding recruitment services. What started as a niche, boutique, hospitality recruitment company, Xpress Recruitment is now a mother company of Xpressjobs and Recruit Genie. And that’s on working hard and making your dreams come true!

But wait - Why am I telling you about Xpress Recruitment and Recruit Genie? How is this even relevant to Xpressjobs (other than being a sister/daughter company)? Well, there’s a lesson to be learnt that inspired the new venture. So, just keep reading and you’ll soon find out!


Our Story: The Important Lesson

The idea for a recruitment software (Recruit Genie) came from the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Unsurprisingly, businesses no longer had the budget to pay external recruitment companies and set up internal Recruitment Departments.

So, after Xpress Recruitment’s clients admitted they can no longer use their services, Xpress asked questions. Most importantly, ‘what do you need?’ and ‘how can we support you?’. It turned out, that businesses needed an easy-to-use online system which can manage all the data in an organised way. What happened next, is the beginning of the future. Xpress Recruitment once again worked with an amazing IT tech wizard that developed Xpress’ backend and together created Recruit Genie.

The software’s success exemplified, that problems are just opportunities for new ventures. And as mentions of the possibility of Brexit came to light, the light went off again. Concerned about Brexit’s impact on the recruitment market and European staff perhaps going back to Europe, our clients realised they would have to advertise their vacancies more.

Hearing the worries about Brexit’s impact on recruitment and lack of EU staff, Xpress knew what to do. Any guesses what it was? Well, to create a platform as a front-line engine to help drive and support the advertising pipeline at a highly competitive and cost-effective price point of course!

Thus, Xpressjobs is born! Well, it was formally launched in 2020 after seeking out the right technology and partners Xpressjobs wanted to work with to promote and drive the site, to be exact. Nevertheless, ongoing advertising and job posting have traditionally been a costly marketing commitment. Something, that Independent Owners & HR departments have just not had the budgets to run and plan yearly. What Xpress did was focus on the solution and opportunity rather than the hurdles.

Creating opportunities - It appears in Xpressjobs’ slogan both on the website and social media posts for a reason. We believe that one of the greatest things about the recruitment industry is this fact alone. Being an active part of creating opportunities for others and helping to improve their life.

Xpress Recruitment and Recruit Genie are Part of Our story

Our Story: Important Decisions

Now, any idea why our job site is called Xpressjobs? If you’ve been paying attention, you can probably put the pieces together. Yes, there’s a reason why XPRESSjobs is the name of its mother company, XPRESS Recruitment. But do you know why it’s ‘Xpress Recruitment’ in the first place? Well, you’re about to find out!

There are times in our life when we need help. Like coming up with the brand name and logo for your new company, for example. To assist with that process, a Glasgow based Marketing and PR firm performed initial market research.

The idea was to focus on the ‘People Element’ that’s so central to the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors. Plus, it would set the company apart by showing its personal approach. As opposed to the ‘Smyth & Smyth’ (made-up example) trend. So, the research was done, and the result was ‘Xpress’. However, the big question is WHY?

At the time, international brands like IHG Hotel were launching worldwide products like Holiday Inn Express. Moreover, Tesco was launching Tesco Express on all the High Streets, so the name Express was catching on. However, mobile phone companies like Orange were dropping the “E” and promoting Xpress and Xtra as part of their new services.

Then, the marketing firm found that there was going to be a new Saturday night show being launched the following year in 2004 called the X factor. Yes, X factor! So, looking at the trends, everything started to point towards Xpress. And if the new TV show with an ‘X’ was a hit, then it could only help the Xpress Recruitment branding.

Additionally, there are two sides to Xpress.

  1. The side of searching and selecting the right talent that Xpressed all the right characteristics (see what I did there). Our clients were looking for a star candidate with passion, drive, commitment, enthusiasm, etc.
  2. Then there’s also the speed of Xpress Recruitment’s response to clients and candidates. So, the focus was on being quick, active and getting things actioned as soon as possible.

The cherry on the metaphorical decision-making top was a ‘Consumer in the street test’. Interesting results came after the marketing team did a street audit of people walking through busy locations such as the Aberdeen railway station, Edinburgh Waverly and Glasgow Central.

Even before launching officially, the feedback was that people in the street had heard of the name or they had used Xpress to find a job. Some even informed the auditing team that they thought they had got their job through Xpress.


What We've Achieved So Far

This is the part to shamelessly brag about all the things Xtremely (couldn’t help myself!) impressive.

First, Xpress can be proud of operating for nearly 20 years in the industry and still growing!

Second, Overcoming obstacles like the Financial Crisis, Brexit and the Covid-19 Pandemic. Moreover, not only overcoming them but finding solutions to issues that came from those world-changing events.

Next, it offers a vast number of roles supplied by the network and community support. Job boards can feel corporate and isolated from the user. Xpressjobs wants to be hospitable and welcoming to its visitors, candidates and recruiters. We want to be more than just a job website. That’s why we post industry news, advice and support to everyone and anyone interested/involved in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors.

Further, it’s an easy to navigate site for clients with cost-efficient job posting solutions and great quality service in one place. Through modern internet technology and using ‘Aggregating site searching technology’, Xpressjobs are ‘pulling and posting’ only roles and positions within the diverse hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors. Industries that we operate within. It sets Xpressjobs apart from other large job board sites, which can flood you with numbers of candidates, unacceptable for the advertised type of roles.


So, What's Next?...

I’ve discussed the past and the present of our story but what about the future? Although you can never be certain of the future, it’s important to always have goals set in mind. Through the Xpressjobs site, we are looking to signpost help and attract people back to work. We aim to enhance the industry’s image by developing the Xpressjobs site as a broader platform across the various roles that hospitality, leisure, and tourism offer. Moreover, the site highlights the sectors as a great place and diverse industry to work and have a career.

The goal for Xpressjobs is to become a strong market player and provide a great platform for both our clients & candidates. We want to create a go-to space for the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. Moreover, we want to move forward, keep growing, add more team members and create a dynamic culture!

And what about Xpress (including Xpress Recruitment, Recruit Genie and Xpressjobs)? Well, the aim is to sustain the industry credibility it has built over the past two decades. Further, Xpress wants to create more impact and grow by establishing a great track record, proving the growth potential of its 3 ventures.

So, what about the rest of our story? Well, it’s currently being written… If you want to be a part of our journey, watch this space for more updates and future collaborations 😉 Or you know, anytime you're looking for a new job!


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