UK’s First Meat-Free Butcher Opened by Sainsbury’s

Friday, June 21, 2019

A Sainsbury’s pop-up store in east London has appeared in the hopes to get more people to try meat-free food after discovering that over half of Britons have never tried any meat alternatives.  The three day initiative run by Sainsbury’s will look like a traditional butchers with meat free sausages hanging in the windows and meat grinders for veggie mince. 

Since veganism and flexitarian diets have been rising amongst people worldwide, it’s time to help change the stigma and show that these foods aren’t “rabbit food”, as so many meat eaters regard it to be.  The store will include steak made from soya and wheat protein, jackfruit quarter pounders and “shroomdogs”.

If anything, the aim is to get people to try new things and bring some excitement to otherwise generic foods, with BBQ pulled jackfruit instead of pulled pork and Moroccan style “vegbabs”, bringing new flavours together.  But with the increasing awareness of our environmental status, people are reducing their meat consumption, creating a 65% increase in sales for plant-based alternatives this year compared to 2018 in stores such as Sainsbury’s.  With the shift in demographics, everyone is changing to cater for customers preferences.  At the beginning of the year, Greggs launched the vegan sausage roll which brought in higher profits than expected for the company; and now Tesco is planning to launch Plant Chef, which is a vegan meal brand with up to 300 various items.