Why we love The Springboard Charity!

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The Springboard Charity helps people of all ages and backgrounds improve their career prospects within the hospitality, leisure, and tourism industry, with the view to reduce unemployment and poverty across the UK. They offer various education programmes which help to broaden professional skills as well as providing tailored aftercare. They also provide work placements and careers guidance which they hope to lead to sustainable employment.

Some of their most successful programmes include:

FutureChef – which has engaged over 130,000 participants over 19 years, instilling them with the skills and experience to consider a career as a chef.

CareerScope - whereby they link university students on hospitality-related courses with industry professionals and work placements. With our employer partners, they are able to find and develop new talent while promoting the sector as a viable and rewarding career path through strategic partnerships with government and industries bodies as well as our alumni network.

… and many more! If you’re interested to learn more click here. Or to see how you can get involved view Springboard jobs here!

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