September 18th becomes a National Hospitality Day

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This September 18th will mark as the National Hospitality Day to help businesses that have suffered because of Covid-19. So what does that mean exactly? Well, the idea is to go out to help out! And to make things more exciting, businesses that want to take part in the campaign will organise activities to raise money for charity. It's a win-win! To learn more, keep reading.

Celebrating the Hospitality Sector

Okay, I can hear you asking, 'Why should I celebrate National Hospitality Day?'. I'll tell you why. If there's anything that lockdown taught us, it's how much we take our favourite cafes, restaurants, and pubs for granted. Not being able to go out with your friends, family, or a partner for a few drinks and a nice dinner showed us just how important a role hospitality plays in our lives. And not only ours.

Hotel bed with fresh towels and a flower on top

The hospitality sector was one of the worst-hit sectors due to Covid-19 and national lockdown. Some places had to shut, and many are still fighting to survive as things are finally opening up. This campaign is a chance for us to say “welcome back – we’ve missed you” by going in and ordering our favourite cup of coffee, dining at that beautiful hotel's restaurant and going for a beer with your pals. So, let's go out on September 18th and celebrate together!

National Effort

Restaurants, cafes, pubs venues, and other hospitality businesses that want to participate in this campaign are asked to host a fundraising element. The money will then be divided between four of the UK's main hospitality charities:

  • the Drinks Trust,
  • Hospitality Action,
  • the Licensed Trade Charity
  • the Springboard Charity

What kind of activities can your business arrange? Well, it can be anything as simple as offering discounts or special offers! Maybe you can offer some free entertainment? Everyone loves live music and comedy shows. No? What about hosting a cocktail masterclass or attracting families with kid-friendly activities? There are plenty of ways you could contribute and raise some money for the charities!

Two friends celebrating and having beers

If you want your business to take part in the campaign don't forget to spread the news! Remember to snap some photos and tag @NationalHospitalityDay on all your social media and use the hashtag #NHD. Reach out to the local press or social media influencers to create some buzz and grab the attention of curious customers.

Why not asking your suppliers if they want to get promoted by giving you a discount or a free product? Oh, and email or tweet @NationalHospitalityDay and share your plans so that they can share them across all of their social media platforms.

Friends enjoying their beer at a pub

Let's all get involved and celebrate our favourite places on September 18th to make National Hospitality Day unforgettable for everyone! Remember, it's our turn as customers to show how much we've missed our favourite restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc. And as business owners, you understand how much this campaign means. The money will go to charities and help the industry. So, set the date in your calendars and enjoy yourself by helping others!

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