Here's Why You Should Support the Springboard Charity

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If you didn't know already, we are a proud supporter of the Springboard Charity. We feel very strongly about supporting their work for hospitality, leisure, and tourism! Keep reading to find out why you should and how you can support them too.

Why Should I Support The Springboard Charity?

From the very beginning back in 1990, the charity's aim is to support hospitality, leisure and tourism. Moreover, the goal is to future-proof the talent pipeline for hospitality and tourism. How? By educating those under the age of 25. Springboard works across the UK & Ireland and offers Employability training programmes, Education programmes and Career resources and advice.

By supporting Springboard you're helping young people enter the industry and reduce unemployment and poverty across the UK. Programmes like FutureChef and CareerScope provide professional skills and tailored aftercare to people with barriers to employment or those in education. Through employer partners, Springboard finds and develops new talent while promoting the sector as a viable and rewarding career path.

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How to Support Springboard

Now, let me tell you how you can support this amazing charity! There are many ways you can do that.

  • Make a donation

Simply go onto their website and make a donation of any amount using your credit/debit card.

  • Run for Charity

Another way to support Springboard's mission is to... run! Yes, run! If you're looking for a physical challenge to take part in, this is your chance. Just search the Run For Charity website and elect The Springboard Charity as your chosen charity to raise money for!

  • Attend Events

Show up, have fun and support when possible :)

  • Become an Ambassador

Do you have experience within the Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism industry? Are you passionate about the industry and want to share your knowledge? Now you can!

  • Fundraise

You can also organise fundraising activities at work! Events are great for team-building and encourage your team to give back.

  • Fund a Programme

If you are able to, you can even fund a complete programme for the Springboard Charity!

  • Become a Corporate Patron

And lastly, you can become a Corporate Patron and be known as a true Hospitality, Travel and Leisure supporter :)

Hopefully, now you know how you can support the Springboard Charity. Moreover, I hope you also understand why that's important. Not only for the industry itself but for all those who started their career and got employed thanks to the charity. And if you also love the industry, here are some of the best vacancies all in one place! :)

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