Types of Apprenticeships in Scotland and How They Work

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As tomorrow marks the end of Scottish Apprenticeship Week, let's have a look at the different Apprenticeships in Scotland. Moreover, let me explain how apprenticeships work and can help kickstart your career. So, if you want to learn about alternative routes to career and education, keep reading.

What's an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a way to work towards a nationally recognised qualification while on the job. Basically, an apprentice will work with experienced employees to learn the aspects of the job. They will put into practice what they learn at college or university. Recently, apprenticeships have become more popular as many people don't see themselves attending a university. Moreover, apprenticeships play an important role in Scotland's economic revival.

As an apprentice, you get paid a national minimum age depending on your age. However, you can earn more. That will depend on how long you've been in an apprenticeship and the company. Many businesses pay more so you can focus on learning the necessary skills and education. Also, you will often earn more after you complete your first year.

There are many benefits of apprenticeships that make them an amazing alternative. It's a great way for apprentices of ALL AGES to access work-based learning. So, why not kickstart your career and earn money?

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Types of Apprenticeships in Scotland

There are three types of apprenticeships in Scotland:

  • Foundation Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship is offered to pupils in S3 to S6 (senior-phase secondary school). While completing a National 5s and Highers you can choose this qualification as part of your subject choices. Moreover, you will get the chance to work with employers and gain experience! And once you finish school, you can then take a modern apprenticeship.

  • Modern Apprenticeship

Primarily offered to16 to 24 year-olds but there's no age limit. As a modern apprentice, you will work towards a qualification with a college or other educational provider. You usually need a minimum of three National 4s or Standard Grades at a general level. However, you could start with a higher level modern apprenticeship. But that will depend on your qualifications and skills.

  • Graduate level Apprenticeship

Anyone over 16 can apply for the Graduate apprenticeship as there is no age limit. You will work full time to gain an Honours or Masters Degree. It's the perfect alternative for those who still want to get a degree but not go to class. If the idea of a university doesn't speak to you - this might be your solution.

Remember, to be considered for a modern or graduate apprenticeship you must meet certain requirements. You must be 16 or over, living in Scotland and not attending education full-time.

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Why You Should Apply for an Apprenticeship in Scotland?

Not everyone knows that apart from college and university, apprenticeship is another way to gain an education. Even more, other than the knowledge, you gain hands-on experience and a salary. So, if you don't feel like going to university is for you - consider this route instead.

Today, Apprenticeships in Scotland are offered in various industries like hospitality, engineering, cooking, marketing, banking and much more. If it sounds like something would like to do, start looking for your apprenticeship now! Good luck :)

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